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Commercial customers

Commercial fuel supplier in Essex and Herts

Commercial customers

AD Fuel Oils Ltd is a proud supplier of petroleum and diesel fuels to a range of commercial customers and petroleum filling stations throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and London.


As an independent business that isn't allied to any one fuel distribution source, we can offer you a competitive price.


We stock road diesel, unleaded petrol, regular burning oil, gas oil, lubricating oils and fuel additives. We can also provide you with fuel drums, containers and barrel dispensers.

If you are an independent filling station in Essex, Hertfordshire, and around London, why not choose AD Fuel Oils Ltd to handle your petrol and diesel fuel supply?


We can ensure that you receive a regular supply of the road fuel and fuel additives that you require. We promise a prompt and friendly service and welcome bulk orders. Collection from our depot of any quantities of fuel can be arranged.

For reliable commercial fuel supply, call AD Fuel Oils Ltd on one of the numbers listed below or email us at